Woolf Woolf Feminist Gift Guide

Holidays are a treacherous time for a feminist. As cozy and comforting as traditions may seem on the surface, they can quickly become tainted by a variety of uncomfortable gender expectations and cringe-worthy conversation. Here’s a taste, courtesy of my Thanksgiving table:

Grandmother: Let’s all go around the table and say something we’re thankful for.

Me: I’m thankful for the football game on today. It’s so nice that society gives men something to entertain themselves with while women work in the kitchen all day.

(I know, I know. I just couldn’t help myself.)

For all you bitches in serious need of some feminist cheer right about now, Woolf Woolf is on it. Here’s a list of our Top 8 must-haves to keep you sane this season. Presenting the Woolf Woolf feminist gift guide.

Fuck the Patriarchy Pillow

Rest easy knowing your throw pillow is beautiful, feminist, and sassy. Any pillow that doesn’t swear about the patriarchy in pink cursive font just became inadequate.

Radical Feminist Tank

People will ask you about a lot of things this holiday season – your relationship status, employment, and appearance are all up for grabs, but this shirt defies nosy conservative relatives to step way outside their comfort zone of conversation topics.

Pro-choice Pin

I couldn’t escape Sydney without the Zoe’s Law passing and the government gaining greater control over women’s bodies. It’s clear the road to female reproductive rights is a long one, but rocking a pro-choice pin in the meantime can make the world feel a little less awful.

Feminist Tay-Swift Phone Case 

If you’re not following @feministtswift, you’re seriously missing out. The parody account, which sports the enviable bio: “Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time.” has been favorited many a time by yours truly. A phone case seems like the logical next step.

Necklace to Fight Femme Invisibility 

Being a queer, feminine-looking lady can feel a lot like wearing a 24/7 invisibility cloak. Slipping on this cheeky reminder that lesbians come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of femininity can help ward off some way harsh heteronormative assumptions.

Fuck Flattering Crop Top 

This amazing crop top, designed by goddess Gisela Ramirez is currently sold out on her website; I think that says a lot about how women feel about the word flattering. Until it comes back on the market, you can recreate the look with a DIY project. Just buy a plain shirt, cut the bottom off, add something body positive (preferably with profanity involved), and feel empowered.

A Vibrator 

Vibrators are obviously a must-have no matter what the season, but holidays are a great time to add to your collection and save some money with holiday sales. Rabbit vibrators are currently 25% off with free shipping. Just saying.


Or really a bottle of whatever your fave holiday drink is. I also recommend an accompanying drinking game for all family functions. One sip for every time your aunt gossips about someone’s weight gain, another gulp for when your grandfather says something mildly racist, you know the drill.

Cheers, bitches!

About Miranda Paquet

Miranda is a co-founder and editor of Woolf Woolf. She is a recognized HBIC, with experience in PR and publishing. In addition to writing and feminism, Miranda has undying appreciation for female leadership, good marketing, bunnies, and cocktails.