What is Woolf Woolf?

Woolf Woolf is an online magazine. We’re into publishing sex-positive, body-positive, patriarchy-negative content on everything from beetroot relish to sex games to serious feminist rage. We think the feminist online media landscape is pretty awesome right now, but we also think there’s room for more sites to join to conversation. Enter Woolf Woolf.

Miranda and Michelle met at summer school in the UK in 2011. Miranda joked about coming to Australia. Two years later, she actually came to Australia. Working together in IT, seeing their sass go unappreciated, Miranda and Michelle cooked up a plan to channel it into their own site. They scheduled a meeting, got drunk on rosé, and Woolf Woolf became a thing.

Michelle and Miranda in Cambridge, 2011.

Circa 2011.

Miranda represents the Northern Hemisphere, hailing from Boston. She has blogged, written and produced plays, worked in PR, publishing and generally overachieved over the course of her life. Miranda is into feminism (obviously), cocktails and referring to herself as HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge).

Michelle is Australian, but pretends she’s from America sometimes because she once lived there for three months and has a passport. She’s into sex politics, stockings and vintage decadence. If you need to call someone at Woolf Woolf, call Miranda because Michelle gets phone-answering anxiety.

Older and wiser, 2013.

Older and wiser, 2013. What what.