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Iconic Queer Fashion: Marlene Dietrich

That’s right. In the 1930s, you would’ve had a shot with this woman.

Whatever they're doing, they look pretty happy.

If “Blue is the Warmest Color” Isn’t Lesbian Sex, Then I’m a Heterosexual

I haven’t seen people this confused about lesbian sex since some creepy dude at a bar asked me how my girlfriend and I “do it”.

Ray looking like a bottom.

4 Queer Plot Twists That Would Make Season 3 of Girls Actually Bearable

We’ve been fantasising about the many ways in which Lena Dunham could make things a bit less shitty. And, um, all of them involve homosexuality.

Alex Vause

Lez Be Real: Alex Vause is a Total Dominatrix

Sometimes a girl’s gotta project her fantasies onto a fictional lesbian, you know.