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Kellyanne Conway Tells Americans To order Ivanka Trump’s Merchandise

Enlarge this imageA worker cleaned the home windows with the Ivanka Trump Selection during the lobby of Trump Tower in The big apple last month.Andrew Harnik/APhide captiontoggle captionAndrew Harnik/APA employee cleaned the home windows of your Ivanka Trump A sortment from the lobby of Trump Tower in The big apple final month.Andrew Harnik/APUpdated at eight p.m. ET Kellyanne Conway, a top rated adviser to President Trump, may well have violated federal ethics regulations Thursday when she urged Bradley Beal Jersey purchasers to obtain Ivanka Trump’s retail model, pursuing the choice by various retail companies to drop the road because of poor product sales. “Go obtain Ivanka’s stuff, is exactly what I was [saying] I detest browsing and i’m going to go get some myself today,” Conway said within an interview on Fox & Friends. “This is just [a] wonderful line,” she added. “I’m intending to give a free commercial here. Go invest in it right now, everybody. You can find it online.” Her comments drew sharp criticism from the chairman from the House Oversight Committee, Republican Jason Chaffetz. “That is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. It is over the major,” Chaffetz told reporters. Chaffetz and the committee’s ranking minority member, Democrat Elijah Cummings, asked the U.S. Office of Government Ethics in a letter to determine whether disciplinary action should be brought against Conway. “Conway’s statements clearly violate the ethical principles for federal employees and are unacceptable,” the letter reported.”In this case, there is an additional challenge, which is that the President, as the ultimate disciplinary authority for White House employees, has an inherent conflict of interest since Conway’s statements relate to his daughter’s private busine s,” it said. White House pre s secretary Sean Spicer reported Thursday that https://www.wizardsedges.com/Troy-Brown-Jr-Jersey Conway had been “counseled” over her remarks. Conway, interviewed later Thursday, again on Fox, claimed she would have no comment on the counseling but had “spent an awful lot of time with the president on the United States this afternoon and he supports me 100 percent.” Federal ethics rules bar executive branch employees from profiting off their positions, but the statute exempts the president. Conway, however, is a White House employee, and her comments urging people to acquire the goods appear to violate the rules, says Kathleen Clark, profe sor of law at Washington University in St. Louis. “The ethics regulation says government employees must not endorse any product, service or enterprise,” Clark told NPR in an job interview. She added: “The broader rule is that government employees shouldn’t use public office for private gain. They shouldn’t use it for their own personal private gain or for somebody else’s private gain. Public office should be used for the good of the public, for the good with the country, for the good of your government, rather than singling out her bo s’s daughter’s enterprise and encouraging people to shop Ivanka.” Clark also noted that Trump’s tweet Wednesday about his daughter was retweeted by someone from the official White House account @POTUS. “That was a violation of your ethics regulation if it was done by anybody other than the president or the vice president. But even if the president himself did that, it was improper, for the reason that there he is using a government resource for his own personal vendetta,” she said. Meanwhile, the progre sive group Public Citizen urged the U.S. Office of Government Ethics to investigate whether Conway’s comments violated the procedures. “Anyone harboring illusions that there was some separation between the Trump administration and the Trump family busine ses has had their fantasy shattered,” said Robert Wei sman, the organization’s president. “Kellyanne Conway’s self-proclaimed advertisement for the Ivanka Trump fashion line demonstrates again what anyone with common sense already knew: President Trump and the Trump administration will use the government apparatus to advance the interests of your family busine ses.” Within the Fox interview, Conway suggested retailers are dropping the line on account of politics. “They’re using her, who’s been a champion for women in power and women while in the workplace, to get to him. I think people can see through that,” she explained. T.J. Maxx and Marshalls told employees past week to stop using signs promoting Ivanka Trump’s brand and mix in her goods with others the store sells to make them le s prominent. Nordstrom has also reported that it would no longer sell Ivanka Trump jewelry and clothing for the reason that revenue have been disappointing. Neither the company nor Ivanka Trump’s manufacturer released any income figures. The road is still carried by other retailers. After Nordstrom’s conclusion, President Trump himself tweeted that his daughter “has been treated so unfairly” by the chain, and his son Donald retweeted an article Thursday about angry store customers cutting up their credit Gilbert Arenas Jersey cards. It’s not clear how consumers will react to the clothing controversy. Outside a Marshalls store in Washington, D.C., a housewife from Argentina wasn’t impre sed by all the controversy. “If I like it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t,” said Andrea Ponzio, 47. “It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t purchase it thanks to any politics.” NPR intern Lucia Maffei contributed to this report.

From Little League to Boston, Mookie Betts’ mom has never stopped coaching him

The coach-pitch level of Little League offers little distance between the mound and the plate, but cat-like reflexes are rarely required when to sing to 4- and 5-year-olds.With her son at-bat, however, Diana Benedict was caught off guard. This was more than two decades ago, long before exit velo not that children would have such tools at their disposal but Benedict swears it was a “rocket.””That ball lined right back at my head,” Benedict told Sporting News. “I ducked down. I’m like, ‘Oops, not pitching to you anymore, little boy.’”MORE: Mookie Betts’ Yankees rival doing something special for Mother’s DayMajor league pitchers would be wise to take a similar approach when Mookie Betts, who is playing the best baseball of his career, is at the plate. The face of the Red Sox since David Ortiz retired, the 25-year-old is slashing .356/.435/.780 with 41runs scored, 29extra-base hits, 13 homers and 27 RBIs in 35games. The 2018 season is young, but Betts is an early MVP candidate.He has come https://www.rockiesedges.com/colorado-rockies/dj-lemahieu-jersey a long way since his mom, his very first Little League coach, threw together a team of stragglers because other coaches told Betts he was too small to play. That was a year before the line-drive incident.Only 5-9 now, Betts required suspenders just to keep his baseball pants around his waist at the time. Benedict remembers going to buy a pair, only to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones left. Betts had a glove with the same terrapin theme, and it was with this TMNT look that the future big leaguer graced the fields in Nashville, Tenn.”I hate that I didn’t get a picture of that,” Benedict said, “because I have pictures of everything else.”Understimated due to his stature, Betts didn’t take long to show he was the most skilled player on the team.One of the few kids that age capable of fielding the ball cleanly, Betts had been practicing with Benedict since he was 3. By the time he got https://www.rockiesedges.com/colorado-rockies/carlos-gonzalez-jersey to Little League, he was asked to run more than the average infielder.I just remember my mom, a couple instances where she would say, ‘We need an out right here, so whatever you do, go get an out,”’ Betts told Sporting News, flashing his signature smile as he talked about his mom. We were 4 or 5 at the time, so they would hit a ground ball and instead of me throwing it to first, I was fast enough to just run over and tag ‘em.MORE: Red Sox vying for top spot in MLB Power RankingsIt’s common to see parent-coaches being tougher on their own kids than the rest, but Benedictnever felt that was nece sary with her son; Benedict, whostopped coaching Little League when Betts was about 7, said her son was always easy to manage. He always wanted to learn and never hesitated to ask questions. Competitive from the time he was little, he acted like a mini-coach, helping his teammates along.Betts credits both of his parents for fostering his drive at such a young age.For me, it was very enjoyable because my mom was competitive the same way I was, he said. She was into the games trying to win. She instilled in me, ‘Hey, we’re trying to win the game even though we’re young.’Her and my dad (Willie Betts) were really similar in the sense that they were tough on you but understood they weren’t going to push it. She was going to let me play any sport I wanted to play, but if I was going to play she wanted to make sure I would learn all the basics. We weren’t going to be bad at anything. If we were going to do it, we were going to be good at it.While her days of coaching in any official capacity are in the rearview mirror, Benedict is still one to chime in.Such occasions are rare of late, but she has no problem calling Bettsand saying, “Hey, you didn’t play well today.” A middle infielder herself through high school, Benedict grew up playing softball on a field her grandfather built on his farm in Paducah, Ky. Playing with family after field work, one had to learn how to catch before being gifted a glove of their own.To this day, she’s still eager to learn and offer constructive criticism. Benedict will ask Betts all sorts of questions, like why he took a pitch or about his approach in a certain at-bat. She’ll put him in his place, too.Sometimes he’ll have to explain to me because I know it’s not Little League anymore, but I still always ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’ or, ‘Why are you doing that?’He’ll say, ‘Ma, it’s totally different.’ I don’t care if it’s different or not explain it to me, Benedict said.”He tells me all the time, ‘OK, Ma, I’ll call you later,’” she continued. “‘No, I wanna talk now you just don’t want to hear it.’That’s true. That’s what happens to a lot of kids. You have to be honest with your kids. I commend Mookie and pat him on the back when he does well, but you also need to hear, ‘You need to work on this.’You’ve got to hear the good and the bad. You can’t just praise kids Charlie Blackmon Jersey all the time and then (they) never hear the other side of it.”While there are times Betts wishes he could get off the phone sooner, he knows his mom means well.From Little League to the majors, Benedict has never stopped coaching him. As he continues to shine in Boston, Betts credits her with teaching him the basics. He’s thankful for the years of unwavering support.”She wanted whatever I wanted. She always said that,”Betts said. “From me being a little kid, she always said that I would say that I wanted to be a profe sional baseball player.”She did whatever it took to make that come true.”