How our Call Center Algorithm that is routing is Contemporary Appreciate

Whenever you’re talking call center routing, the very last thing in your thoughts is love. Or perhaps is it?

Because it’s (ugh) Valentine’s Day into the (ugh) thirty days of (ugh) love (ugh), we figured it will be a good idea to money in like almost every other web log when you look at the multiverse and publish this sickly sweet heart-riddled contrast between our agent-matching algorithms and, you understand, dating or whatever.

So yeah, let’s completely unironically do this. You ready? Because we certain are. We have been therefore prepared because of this.

1. It is like rate dating for the aromantic

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Is rate dating also nevertheless a athing? Had been it ever something, or some work of fiction we simply pulled through the collective unconscious whenever the planet got too tired of superheating the environment?

We’ll can’t say for sure. But we do know for sure that speed is highly correlated with romantic satisfaction .

That’s precisely why we developed our routing algorithm specifically for connecting the most crucial individuals with a real estate agent faster than you can easily say ‘Oh my gravy boat did from the to purchase Susan flowers?’

This is because our call center algorithm that is routing attention . It’s like:

All right you great deal, which certainly one of you have here first? Not so fast – i understand for an undeniable fact that Mr Johnson happens to be right right here each day this week, and anyhow glance at just how devilishly handsome Mr Johnson is. Yes, Mr Johnson, do come because of this. No, no, forget them. Shhhh. It’s your move to end up being the VIP, Mr Johnson.

Whoa that got odd. But yeah, it is that way? Just it involves super-romantic things such as blended channel-agnostic routing, which will be literally the way that is worst on the planet to explain a system that pops every conversation – be it a call or perhaps a smoke sign, be it inbound or outbound – into an individual pool after which types through them like an extremely picky but efficient individual searching for blue M&M’s.

Dating, everybody. It’s weird that is just mega.

2. It aims for max, uh, satisfaction

Do you know what would really suck? Being forced to carry on a blind date with a strange random person teleported from essentially around the globe and as a bistro with terrible – nay, soul-eviscerating music that is.

That, everyone, is terrible, such as a real-life form of Chatroulette and good grief why are we also mentioning Chatroulette what’s incorrect with us?

Anyhow, we digress. In the event that you guessed that individuals had been alluding into the strange random nature of calling, state, a contact center , you’d be oh so absolutely one million % correct.

Because actually, imagine needing to speak to this human that is random the device . In the event that looked at talking in the phone also in the most useful of that time period does not fill your heart with needles of ice, you need to understand that it will be does that to your web visitors.

No, we’re perhaps not about this life. In case a contact center call has got to end up like a date that is blind at least allow it to end up like a blind date arranged by that buddy of yours who has got great flavor in prospective partners.

That’s almost exactly exactly what we’re aiming for with this routing (okay, minus the relationship schmomance material, we guess). We wish customers – or leads – to be matched up aided by the very best agents feasible.

What this means is taking into consideration the continuing company worth of the customer versus the success score regarding the representative. This means attention that is paying agent rating ratings, or simply just recalling which agent dealt with all the customer into the past. This means, ultimately, being attentive to demographics and preferences to get a bead on compatibility.

We’re kinda hoping this algo can connect us up sometime quickly. [Sigh. –Ed]

3. Flowers are red, violets are oh god

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Have you figured out exactly just what else our routing AI can perform? It could compose poetry. Beautiful, sprawling epics in iambic pentameter. Sparkling dadaist limericks about squirrels. The odd pun-punting punishment piece. It could also pull of stunningly romant—

Oh no wait we’ve heard back through the dev group plus it definitely can’t do any one of this. Perhaps perhaps Not yet, at the least. Uphold for the poetry that is procedural in Q3 of 2022.

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