Contribute to Woolf Woolf

We are always looking for contributors for the site. If you’re a feminist writer with a great voice and a good dose of sass, we want you! Whether you have a one-off article you think would suit the tone of our site, or if you’d like to come on board writing regular features, we’re interested, and you should drop us an email.

We love receiving pitches and full articles. Most of our pieces are between 600-900 words, written in first person, and have a conversational tone. Pieces don’t have to be about feminism (anything from the political to the frivolous is welcome), but they do have to be underscored by feminist politics.

As we are a new website and do not currently generate income from the site, the work is unpaid. We hope to change this as the site grows, so if you stay with us as a contributor, you will hopefully be rewarded. In the meantime, we try to support our writers by sharing links to their work with our readers. And Michelle might send you a Woolf Woolf felt brooch!

Email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.