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How to Tell Someone They’re Doing a Shit Job

In the realm of HBICs, few skills are as coveted as calling someone out on their shit.


Happy 2014, Let’s all Rebel Against Perfection Beyoncé Style

You can’t get much more HBIC than Beyoncé. Who else in the world can shut the Internet down with a single Instagram?

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Christmas: There’s a Drinking Game for That

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, etc.

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Woolf Woolf Feminist Gift Guide

For all you bitches in serious need of some feminist cheer right about now, Woolf Woolf is on it.


Femme Wisdom: What Great Makeup and Great Leadership Have in Common

My grandmother and I were probably never destined to see eye to eye on fashion. Still, I can’t say her beauty advice was all bad.


Why We Need to Pay Less Attention to the People We’re Sleeping With

Whoever came up with the phrase “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” was clearly never asked if they were in a relationship. Ugh.