An accumulation of real-life Grindr experience told through consumers in thrilling, sometimes-NSFW information

An accumulation real-life Grindr knowledge told through customers in thrilling, sometimes-NSFW information. Subscribers ought to send their own to stories@grindr.


Grindr had been one of the primary software we downloaded in 2016 after I have my first smart device and four period after my personal lover of 2 decades died the afternoon before my personal 53 birthday celebration.

I been able to work my ways around Grindr immediately: adding photos, getting used to the terminology, providing someone my personal nickname, and figuring out who was simply cool and who was simplyna€™t. About 30 days after I joined, we spoke to some guy who felt hot and smart, we had biggest biochemistry, by that afternoon he drove over 78 kilometers in order to satisfy myself. I am going to say the gender ended up being fantastic. Afterwards, while we cuddled, we pointed out that hea€™d used a strange fascination with the mark to my left arm. In reality, he was fixated on it. After a minute the guy applied his little finger regarding the mark, looked up at myself, and stated my genuine term.

Now, except for families and long gone friends, I hadn’t utilized my genuine term in about fifteen years, and Ia€™d been using a nickname on Grindr. Who had been he? Whenever I questioned him their identity, I was flooreda€”it got my personal ex-boyfriend of thirty ages, George. We chuckled for an effective ten minutes about how I got that scar thirty years back, and caught up on earlier three decades of each and every othera€™s everyday lives. I really couldna€™t feel I became reunited with a buddy when I demanded one many. We still hangout, as well as on occasion, have the best sex actually too.


One time my date got an email using this tatted Latin man known as Vince informing him ahead more. During the time, my sweetheart and I happened to be working chores during my auto, so my date informed Vince he had been with a a€?frienda€? and Vince advised your the pal could come-along and see. Vince mentioned he would become wishing completely naked making use of home open, and then he wasn’t exaggerating. As we pulled to the target Vince ended up being located facing their home completely nude with his dick flopping all over very visible road.

Vince greeted all of us at home and my personal boyfriend instantly have on his hips and started blowing your. This motivated us to get on my personal knee joints and start sucking his testicle. A few momemts to the two fold bj Vince informed united states another people would be joining in. The guy finished up coming a couple of minutes afterwards and ended up being a top class activities mentor, bearded and furry, yum. The guy approached my personal date, who was simply on his knee joints, whipped around their hairy dick, and pushed they deep down my boyfrienda€™s neck.

As I choked and choked on Vincea€™s excess fat sausage, my personal date and also the mentor both arrived at the same timea€”the coach inside my personal boyfrienda€™s neck and my sweetheart throughout the floor. Meanwhile, Vince began moaning loudly and trembling, pushing their dick further down my personal neck until the guy launched strong inside myself. The advisor removed up his uniform shorts and headed back once again to class as myself and my sweetheart got right up, thanked Vince, and carried on all of our drive around community.


1st people I actually satisfied from Grindr provided me with the finest experiences Ia€™ve had. I was in Spain on vacation using my mothers for a fortnight exploring the country. One night while we happened to be staying in Barcelona my moms and dads went along to sleep early, and I was experiencing disturbed, and so I downloaded the application. I going talking-to a person called Mateoa€”he got an art form college student from Madrid who was staying at his frienda€™s invest city even though they are out. The guy asked me to come over and hang out.

We went down Las Ramblas a few obstructs until i came across his level. The guy arrived lower and opened the doora€”I happened to be used by his moody eyes and an impish smile, and was straight away transfixed. Their apartment got antiquated and lovely and featured away over the sprawling street. The guy stream united states wines therefore begun to kiss mid-conversation. He requested if the guy could wash me. We stated certainly. He put a bath and unclothed me personally, kissing and kissing all of my own body, using my personal dick within his mouth and sticking their tongue deeply inside my personal ass. He then set me inside the shower and utilized a bar of soap to soap my personal entire body, washing my pits, my dick, my personal chest.

After he was finished washing myself he have me out of the bathtub and dried me with a towel, he then whispered inside my ear canal, a€?i wish to be inside your.a€? The guy laid myself throughout the bed and pressed my personal back down so my ass was staying higher to the environment, then he stuck his tongue so deep inside myself I let-out a gasp. His tongue ended up being so larger they decided a cock. He consumed me personally down for a long period then we experienced their tough cock brushing against my leg. he was prepared. The guy produced my personal butt down, registered myself, and began whispering to me as he gradually worked up a rhythm of thrusts.

He pulled my personal hair back once again as he forced their penis deeper and deeper inside me personally. I was very close to cumming that I couldna€™t actually touch my personal cock. After pounding me personally for just what felt like hours the guy pulled out and grabbed my handa€”he required into the balcony overlooking the street and leaned me up against the railing. He inserted me once more and I released a soft cry out inside vacant town. The guy told me to scream his title while he banged myself. We going lightly mewling, a€?Mateo!a€? out in to the night air, but he desired they higher, very the guy drawn my tresses and informed me to cry their label.

He was so strong inside me and that I was therefore near cumming that we let-out a guttural: a€?MATEO!a€? As I screamed his identity during the early early morning light we climaxed. Mateo subsequently led myself back in the bed room and installed me personally regarding beda€”we dropped asleep with each other and I crept in the first morning.

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