Scarlet O'Hara in Bed, Thinking About It Tomorrow
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How to Tell Someone They’re Doing a Shit Job

In the realm of HBICs, few skills are as coveted as calling someone out on their shit.


Iconic Queer Fashion: Marlene Dietrich

That’s right. In the 1930s, you would’ve had a shot with this woman.

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3 Gothic Novels To Read While Doing The Soft Goth Look

Literary recommendations to coax out your inner vamp(ire).

Whatever they're doing, they look pretty happy.

If “Blue is the Warmest Color” Isn’t Lesbian Sex, Then I’m a Heterosexual

I haven’t seen people this confused about lesbian sex since some creepy dude at a bar asked me how my girlfriend and I “do it”.


Can I Please Just Eat My Kale Chips in Peace?

People need to stop asking me why I’m vegetarian when they really just want to know why I’m being so disruptive.

Ray looking like a bottom.

4 Queer Plot Twists That Would Make Season 3 of Girls Actually Bearable

We’ve been fantasising about the many ways in which Lena Dunham could make things a bit less shitty. And, um, all of them involve homosexuality.


Aggressive Feminist Crafting: Take-No-Sass Brooches

If I can make tiny embroidered badges with little to no sewing experience, YOU CAN TOO.